“Inspire People’s progress in style”


Our Mission

To offer lifestyle merchandise to our consumers to transcend fashion, to build confidence and provide a vehicle for expression whilst offering a captivating customer experience that drives long-term loyalty.

Our Culture

At DSS, we recognize our staff as a key stakeholder and we embrace a knowledge sharing culture and encourage people to bring out an innovative environment with new ideas and out of the box thinking.

Our Values

  • I – Innovative
    Adapting to changing environments, creative, knowledgeable and proactive
  • N – Network
    Working together both internally and with our external suppliers to achieve a common goal
  • S – Sustainable
    Creating a culture which is environmentally and socially responsible
  • P – Passion
    Being excited and enthusiastic about what we do
  • I – Integrity
    Act with integrity and sincere in all we do. and doing the right thing
  • R – Respect
    Respecting each other and our external stakeholders
  • E – Excellence
    Exceeding all expectations and excelling in everything we do