As a responsible corporate citizen, we recognize the importance of giving back to society and the environment around us.

CSR initiatives by DSS have built relationships and teamwork amongst our employees which has enabled individual development and in return, community development. Believing in the timeless proverb “Charity begins at Home”, we conduct several worthwhile projects on a regular basis which are focused on the society and ouremployees as well.


DSS has always championed the education sector of Sri Lanka and provides much sponsorship in support of this. The DSI Supersport “Danumai Wasanaawai” is a celebrated quiz contest telecasted through a popular TV channel, for school children island wide which runs throughout the year. It is an exciting event not only for the participants but for entire school bodies as they support their fellow students. The standards and proceedings of this contest are being closely monitored by the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka.



At DSS we place great value and importance to our social responsibilities and strive to always keep that in focus as we carry out our business activities. With this in mind, in 1992, we launched a unique program titled “Sithuvili” Sri Lanka (“thoughts”), an all island children’s art competition that is now considered as one of the most prestigious art competitions in Sri Lanka. It’s an opportunity for children of varying backgrounds and financial status to express their thoughts, impressions, views and concepts through drawings and paintings. To encourage wider participation, entries are accepted in any medium (pencil, colour pencil, crayon, water colours, charcoal etc.) The winners are recognized at a grand awards ceremony and cultural pageant with the participation of eminent businessmen, intellectuals and famous local artists. An outstanding feature of this competition is that not only the winners, but the schools they represent are also awarded a cash prize to be utilized in suitable school development projects.


DSS is an enthusiastic supporter of our national sport volleyball. With the idea of fostering the interest of the sport from a young age, the DSI Supersport Volleyball Tournament is organized and is the only Volleyball Tournament in Sri Lanka for school children to participate in at national level. This prestigious tournament attracts over 100 schools to battle it out in different age categories. DSS is also the proud sponsor of the Sri Lankan National Women’s Volleyball Team and co-sponsor of the Asian Women’s Volleyball Championships. In addition to volleyball, the subsidiary companies sponsor individuals and teams in athletics, badminton and basketball.



Community service

DSS takes pleasure in being a responsible corporate citizen and have always endorsed community projects and events that highlight and protect Sri Lankan culture and heritage. One of the most popular events that DSS sponsored was an exhibition titled “Raja Maha Weheraka Asiriya”,that focused on the ancient temples of Sri Lanka. The first phase of the exhibition comprised 100 ancient temples (Raja Maha Viharas) being photographed and each temple then featured in the newspaper on Poya Days. A description of the temple with pictures and location were included in the publication. After the 100th temple was highlighted in this manner, an exhibition was held for 3 days in key cities. The public response received for this project was certainly overwhelming.
The annual Vesak competition held in the Colombo Town Hall area is also jointly sponsored by DSS. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebration ‘Sooriya Mangallaya’ in collaboration with the Independent Television Network is yet another community project that is held annually. We are also part of numerous tsunami homes rebuilding projects, community development programs, sub-contracting maintenance of temples around the Galle area and helping of schools that lack basic facilities and under privileged students.