AVI – Mission Critical Sportswear is an innovative local sports shoes and sneakers brand with specialized footwear for many different sports such as cricket, volleyball, badminton, tennis etc. AVI shoes are manufactured using world class technology and materials to ensure that every sportsman/sportswoman reaches their maximum potential while bring engaged in their respective sporting activities. AVI has been associated with many local sportsmen/sportswomen and enthusiasts since its inception and is also the recipient of a number of awards for its excellence.


Jessica is a trendy, colourful, and modern brand of women’s footwear and fashion accessories. From high heels to flats, professional to partying, chic to classic, dainty to sassy, Jessica provides a shoe for every woman in you!. The diverse collection is suitable for any time of day or occasion and offers comfort and style in contemporary designs. Step out in confidence!


Tamik is an attractive brand of casual footwear for young men and women. From going to a party to a casual outdoor stroll, Tamik gives each and everyone their own unique style, making them stand out from the rest of the crowd. The variety of colours and designs of Tamik shoes are well in line with global trends that brings out the unique class and style of the youth.


Manufactured using superior Italian technology, U Softo slippers and sandals are a must for everyone who look for everyday comfort, durability and a good twist of fashion at an affordable price. The unique designs of U Softo range is unmatched and comes with the years of trust held by people for DSI footwear.


DSI Supersport is the most trusted brand among school children for their every day school wear. DSI Supersport is the brand of winners. The brand of children who excel in every activity they are involved in. The DSI Supersport range includes school shoes, water bottles, lunch boxes and school socks. Supersport school shoes among these, have been a household name for school children for the past 16 years. Its comfort and durability can withstand the active lifestyle and constant movement of these energetic feet. The excellence of DSI Supersport as a brand has been recognized by many notable local and international brand forums by way of awards.


Samsons is a unisex brand which caters both casual and formal wear segments. What makes Samsons the most trusted and preferred brand is the range which includes shoes for people of all ages, preferences, lifestyles and personalities. Slip resistant, lightweight and durable stylish shoes are available at Samsons, depending on the desire of customers.


Ranpa is a value for money, day to day footwear range catering to the entire family. The brand is well known among the consumers for its lasting quality. Treat your feet and stay one stylish stiletto ahead of the crowd. Here you’ll find the latest fashion at your fingertips.


Waves is a fashion brand that represents Sri Lanka’s vibrant island lifestyle. These eco-friendly Flip-flops in trendy coloured patterns are especially for fun loving teens and young adults.


Beat is a colorful and fashionable range of flip flops for all those who are young at heart. Its’ energetic, playful, friendly and off beat nature is well complimented by the variety of designs and colors being used to match the distinct tastes of both men and women.


The range of Beach rubber slippers is the epitome of comfort and durability. It is suitable not only for the soft sandy beaches but any outdoor surface, and is available in a variety of eye catching colours

New balance

New Balance Athletics, Inc., best known as simply New Balance, is an American multinational corporation based in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston. Tackle your workouts with confidence in performance running shoes.


Florsheim is a brand celebrated for over a century for high quality craftsmanship and contemporary designs. Florsheim shoes are ideally suited for the man who represents confidence and fashion in every step he takes. From dress shoes to casual, this range will complement your whole persona. Step it up with Florsheim.


Fila founded in Italy over 100 years ago is globally known as the ‘style shaper’. A lifestyle and sportswear brand, Fila embodies style, attitude and sophistication and offers an exciting range of high-end shoes and apparel for men, women, kids and professional athletes. Be confident in making a statement through fashion.


Puma is for athletes who desire to stand out through performance and personality. Its new brand platform ‘Forever Faster’ signifies a mission to become the fastest sport brand in the world. Puma shoes represent innovation, style, adaptability and power. Be a part of a winning team when you walk, run or stride in Puma!


Reebok is one of the world’s foremost sports and fitness brands which designs footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and kids. Catering for everyday fitness activities whether it is yoga or dance to professional sports like running or basketball, Reebok shoes with state-of-the-art technology is an excellent choice for an active, sporty and fashionable lifestyle and is ‘FIT FOR LIFE FUN’.


Clarks is a renowned name in footwear with presence in over 100 countries and celebrates a production heritage of nearly 2 centuries. British style footwear in the highest of quality, design and craftsmanship offers a variety of casual, work and party wear for the whole family. Its trendy and stylish collection will elevate your wardrobe to a whole new level.


Redtape is a well-known brand of high-end fashion footwear recognized for comfort, style and trendy designs. Redtape is red hot fashion! The varied footwear range is designed in company-owned design studios in the UK and Italy and is manufactured using international quality materials from Europe. A blending of global resources to create a unique product for a multifaceted consumer.

Liberty footwear, with over 60 years in the trade has grown to be the second largest shoe manufacturing company in India. Catering to high-end customers in more than 25 countries worldwide it truly has become a global product. Liberty shoes in leather and non-leather are designed for men, women and kids with the latest of innovative technology in line with international manufacturing standards.


Hot Wheels came into fame as a die cast toy cars manufacturer in the 1968. The brand is famous for its highly precise and accurate scale car models of some of the most famous and sought after cars in the world. Igniting the passion for vehicles in children and young adults, Hot Wheels merchandise has also diversified into other products including footwear and is now available in Sri Lanka through DSS.


A brand that is famous in every nook and corner of the world as the most loved brand among little girls, Barbie came in to the limelight in 1959 with the introduction of the Barbie fashion doll. Today Barbie has diversified into many other products including girls footwear. Barbie is known for its high sense of appropriate fashion for girls and now has been bought to Sri Lanka as well with its range of girls footwear.


Marvel Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s leading character-based entertainment companies and was founded in the 1930’s. Its featured characters always represent power and strength. Popular Marvel characters that include Spiderman, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Avengers are licensed for use in apparel, toys, collectible and even snack foods! The Marvel footwear range is simply fantastic…Featuring all these well loved characters, these shoes are sure to give their wearer some supernatural powers!


The Walt Disney Company, commonly acknowledged as Disney, is a leader in studio entertainment and has diversified into media networks, parks and resorts, consumer products and interactive media. Disney Characters of Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck are timeless and even now the classic Disney princess stories of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and the more recent Frozen are much-loved by kids and adults alike world over. Through music, movies, stage plays and Disneyland, Disney has certainly bought some magic into our lives.